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What does GradesTrack do?

Hey there!
GradesTrack is a cloud-based gradebook platform built for students.
You can track all your grades in our easy to use interface. All your grades will be automatically calculated, as well as your GPA, and converted into your local grading system.
We currently support over 35 grading systems in 25 countries - with more being added all the time!
What if your grading system isn't available? No problem. You can still use all of GradesTracks features with our percentage grading system.

Best of all, GradesTrack is Free!
We also optionally offer a premium package with which you get access to insights as well as other cool features. Sign up now!

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- Store all your grades in the cloud available anytime, anywhere.
- Better understand your strengths and weaknesses
- Mobile, Tablet and Desktop optimized UI.
- Automatically calculated GPA, Subject averages & Grades
- Grade trends and insights

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